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What We Believe

CP360 is a network of cerebral palsy (CP) organisations from around the world coming together to help build a future in which citizens living with cerebral palsy and similar conditions can access, contribute and thrive in the world. Despite the staggering numbers of individuals living with cerebral palsy and the urgency on the issues, many systems still require major reform in order to truly realise equal access and inclusion. CP360 exists to catalyse action on the following issues to drive change around the globe for people living with cerebral palsy;

CP Around the World

Cerebral palsy is the most common physical disability in childhood. Globally, an estimated 17+ million people are living with the condition and there are over 350 million people are caregivers. Globally, every hour a child is born with cerebral palsy. Historically, research funding to better understand it’s causes, prevention and new therapy treatments has been limited. Less common conditions have received more. Globally, 85% of children with disabilities live in LMIC, but less than 5% receive rehabilitation services.

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All working to push the CP Awareness and prevention movement forward.

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